Case Study: How We Achieved TOP Positions on Google For a Brand New Blog

The Problem

Newly established productivity blog with decent social traffic wanted to increase his visibility in search engines. With reputation management techniques we helped him  to establish authority on the topic.

The Results

Within a few months we were able to achieve top3 and even #1 positions in Google Search for the desired expressions.

Our Strategy

Technique #1: Site Optimization for Search Engines

Crating Keyword-rich Headlines

By creating custom keyword-rich headings for each blog post and categories, we were able to boost the SEO value, which resulted in higher positions in the natural search results.

Mobile-ready template

Nowadays there are different search results on mobile phones and tablets than on desktop computers. By optimizing the website for mobile devices the website’s search positions have been improved.

Google search position increasing for target keyword after implementation of technique #1.

Technique #2: Crafting a killer content plan

First we examined what type of content performs well in search engines for our target keywords. After research we realized that instead of short (400-500 words) articles it is more effective to write in-depth, well-researched articles which covers more aspects and provides concrete step-by-step solutions for a single problem (1000-1500 words).

After identifying the topic we collected information from ongoing discussions where real people were seeking solution for their problems. This helped to create the post draft and answering most of the upcoming questions.

Google search position increasing for another target keyword after implementation of technique #2.

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