Case Study: How We Quadripled The Sales Of An Online Store

The Problem

A local and online store selling electric alliances needed help for attracting new website visitors and customers.

After establishing an online presence by social media the store was still lack of traffic and customers. They contacted us to help improve the online visibility of the new online store.

The Results

Within the first 6 months we increased the organic traffic of the website by 683% for relevant purchase-driven keywords and monthly revenue by 277%.

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    More Traffic
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    Increased Revenue

After the successful cooperation we continued our work by implementing new tactics to increase the traffic further. Today 60% of the online store’s revenue is coming from organic traffic, total sales are increasing by 400% every year.

Our Strategy

Technique #1: Optimizing the website for search engines

Optimizing the website for search engines

First we made a proper keyword research to identify which terms are likely to generate purchases. After that we created the proper site structure and categories for the whole range of 500+ products. We optimized the site’s title tags, meta descriptions, headings and content to include the right keywords.

E-commerce store templates

Since it’s very-very time-consuming to optimize all products one-by-one we created templates and automatized the optimization process for future product uploads.

Competition research

We analyzed the top 5 competitors in the niche and identified their strengths and weaknesses. After collecting and examining the data we implemented the best practices. To avoid competitor’s doing the same we took measures to block online analytical softwares to harvest data from our client’s website, so his competitor’s won’t see what we are technically improving.

Technique #2: Driving traffic to the website

Creating blog topics and proper content plan

During our initial research we found a huge amount of keywords which were not relevant at product or category level. We created a blog to increase the traffic for information based searches like “best smart phones”, “best laptops for gaming”. Now these blog posts are generating additional 26% traffic. With the proper content plan the store’s blog is ready to generate extra traffic and sales from trends as well.

Increase blog online visibility

By synergizing blog posts with product promotion we were able to increase the sales and gain technical benefits as well by improving internal linking. This helped us to generate additional traffic from long tail searches.

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