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We are Kristian and Gabriel Zalaba.
We are happy to help you make bigger impact on the world.

Our mission is to help entrepeneurs and professional bloggers to make impact on the world by getting bigger online exposure and spread their ideas all around the internet. We do this by helping them to:

  • get more visibility on Google
  • boost their organic traffic and gain more high-quality visitors to their website
  • connect their unique message with the right target audience.

We truly believe if great ideas meet with people who are searching for a solution and are ready to take action, than it can change lives.

We want to change the world by helping visionary people to make bigger impact on others lifes. If you are ready to bring your business to the next level and get found by more of your ideal clients, you are on the right place.


ZALABA.eu is a small team based in Budapest, Europe. We help businesses to get more exposure on Google. We’ve been working together with 50+ companies, and we’ve helped them to boost their organic traffic and reach more clients.

We are entrepeneurs so we understand the work you put in to add value to your readers. We help you make the most traffic possible from your content, and we take care of all technical stuff so you don’t have to.

No more setups. No more hassle. Just more visitors.


Kristian Zalaba

CEO, founder

I like reading books on my Kindle, especially after the long runs in the morning. My favourite topics are online marketing and productivity.


Gabriel Zalaba

SEO Expert

I like the most up-to-date technological solutions and imaginative online services. My favorite global brand is Tesla.

We are official Google Parters as well. Google Partners are online marketing companies, trusted by Google.


It’s quite shocking to see how many ventures have we worked with since we started in 2012. From the very small, one-man businesses we reached huge multinational companies like Sony. However, at the start we only had one important goal: to do cool things. The only thing we wanted is to help those who want to spread their message to more people.

Many people liked this way of thinking, and others could also see that there is something special going on. Because of this, we continuously received recommendations so our company could grow without stopping. In the last few years we went through a lot with our clients:

  • a company that started from scratch could give jobs to 5 employees within 1 year
  • an online store quadrupled its traffic within 1 year and it will soon catch up to the market leaders
  • a world-famous brand won the thanks of many fans during a marketing campaign
  • a coach who specialized in personal development are making the lives of thousands better each day.

All of these achievements are helping us to reach our main goal: to make truly awesome things. We believe that we move the world forward by amplifying the message of those who do great things. We have 3 important values that our clients always highlight during our cooperation:


Our task is to make the job of our clients easier, not to hold them back with unnecessary questions. We always do research and know what they need without explanation.


There is no bullshit, only facts and results. Both we and our clients are better of if we’re honest with each other – that way we save a lot of time and energy which we can invest in the cooperation.


One of the biggest praises for us if our clients find the collaboration inspirational. Okay, we admit that we do everything to achieve this, because we want to give as much value as possible.

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